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BIR Form 1601-E

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Monthly Remittance Return
of Creditable Income Taxes
Withheld (Expanded)
August 2008 (ENCS)
1 For the Month of:
2 Amended Return?
   Yes No
3 Attached Sheets:
4 Any Taxes Withheld?
Yes No
Part I
B a c k g r o u n d      I n f o r m a t i o n
5 TIN       6 RDO Code 7 Line of Business
8 Taxpayers Name (for individual) Last Name, First Name, Middle Name (For Non-Individual) Registered Name
9 Telephone Number
10 Registered Address
11 Zip Code
12 Category of Withholding Agent
Private Government
13 Are you availiing of tax relief under Special Law or Treaty?
Yes  No   If yes, specify
Part II
Computation of Tax (Attach additional sheets, if necessary)
14   Total tax required to be witheld and remitted. 14
15   Less: Tax Credits/Payments
      15A   Tax remitted in return previously filed if this is an amended return. 15A
      15B   Advance payments made (please attach proof of payment - BIR Form 0605) 15B
      15C   Total tax credits/payments (sum of items 15A & 15B) 15C
16   Tax still due (over-remittance) (item 14 less 15C). 16
17    Add penalties:     Surcharge                         Interest                        Compromise
                       17A              17B            17C   17D
18   Total amount still due (over-remittance) (Sum of items 16 & 17D) 18
      If over remittance, mark one box only: To be refunded        To be issued a Tax Credit Certificate
I declare, under the penalties of perjury, that this return has been made in good faith, verified by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true and correct, pursuant to the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code, as amended and the regulations issued under authority thereof.
19     20  
President/Vice President/Principal Officer/Accredited Tax Agent/
Authorized Representative/Taxpayer
(Signature Over Printed Name)
Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer
(Signature Over Printed Name)
Title/Position of Signatory TIN of Signatory Title/Position of Signatory
Tax Agent Acc. No./Atty's Roll No.
(if applicable)
Date of Issue Date of Expiry TIN of Signatory



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